Orientation Days

Orientation Days is the most important event for foreign students of the whole semester. The official part of it is obligatory for all students. If a student cannot come for the OD (for example because of visa troubles), he has to do it all himself which takes much longer time and it is incomparably more complicated as not a lot of people in the offices speak English. Therefore, make sure you arrive in time for the OD of your semester!

The official part

All the bureaucracy is done. The ESN team helps students fill in all the papers correctly to avoid any problems later.

You get the neccessary cards - the University Card of VSB-TUO that you can use in the student canteen, for photocopying etc., public transport travel card, SIM Card, Bank Account Card and ESNcard that gives you - as a foreign student - a lot of discounts in various shops and also discounts on ESN trips, parties and other events.

Introduces you to your faculty, university, dormitory and student canteen system.

You meet all the important university officials that you will later communicate with.

The unofficial part

The unofficial part of the OD is here mainly to let you get to know with other people - at welcome party, faculty guided tour etc.

It also makes you orientate in the city center thanks to a City Race game in which you can win something that the whole team will enjoy.

What should you take to the OD?

  1. your passport
  2. a pen to fill in some forms, a notebook to note down some important things
  3. two passport-sized photographs