Technical University

VŠB–Technical University of Ostrava was founded in 1849, and has since grown into a modern institution of higher learning, offering the highest levels of education in technical and economic branches of study, based on the interconnection of science, research, education, and the creative activity that binds and enhances them.

Campus area

All the campus with dormitories is placed in a calm green part of Ostrava, nearby a forest. It is accessible by both bus and tram of public transport - bus stop being right next to the dormitories, going to both bus station and train station of Ostrava, tramstop is about 7 minutes of walk from the dorms, going to every corner of Ostrava.

Most of the seven faculties are situated in campus, up to 5 minutes of walk from the dormitory. Only two of them are located somewhere else - the Faculty of Economics is in the City Center and Faculty of Safety Engineering in Ostrava-Výškovice. To get to these, you have to take public transport (about 20 minutes by tram).

Maps of the campus

Services in the campus

Campus offers wide range of sports activities for students - tennis courts, football ground, table tennis rooms, gym, etc.

As regards other services, there are several groceries in the campus and also right in the dormitory. For larger purchases, there is Globus shopping center reachable by walk or Tesco shopping centre a few tramstops from the dormitory. If you need to buy some clothes or shoes, you can also find them in the mentioned Tesco, but if you prefer modern shopping centers, head the city center and visit Karolina, the newest mall in Ostrava (Tram no. 8, tramstop Karolina). If you decide to furnish your room, you can try IKEA which is to be found in Avion Shopping Park (Tram no. 7, tramstop Obchodní centrum).

There also is a post office in the campus if you wish to send something to somebody. The packages and letters people send to you will be delivered to your own box in the dormitory.

There also are several places where you can withdraw money - at the main reception of the dormitory, there is one ATM and two more are at the main entrance of the university A building (that big green one).


There is quite a lot of options for students: the most usual place to eat lunch or dinner is Menza - student canteen. The meal costs up to 2 euros and you can choose from about 4 various meals every day. You can also buy extra soup, cake or salad for very cheap. Another option is Snack Bar (the same building as Menza) - the meals cost about 2 euros and they are more or less the same every day (about 6 or seven options). There are also other canteens and buffets in the grounds of the school - you just have to try them all and get to know which one fits you. To eat in all of these, you need to have a student card of VSB and you have to charge it. You cannot pay cash. Therefore, if you arrive before the OD, you must be patient and try eating at other places because you cannot get your student card before the OD.

It is possible to pay cash in Pizzeria which is right next to the dormitory - they can also deliver your pizza to your room. The prices are very fair, affordable for students.

Those from the Faculty of Economics can also use Snack bar right at faculty.

Sport center

In the area of ​​VŠB near to dormitories you can find volleyball, basketball and football pitch. There are also tennis courts and pitch for futnet. Inside you can play tennis and badminton. You can borrow sport equipment like various balls and tennis rockets, but shuttlecocks for badminton aren't available. Here you can see how much each activity costs.

Outside playgrounds
Prices per hour With ISIC Without ISIC
Tennis cours 50 100
Beach volleyball pitch 60 200
Football pitch (artificial grass) 150 300
Basketball court 20 50
Futnet pitch 20 50

Inside playgrounds
Prices per hour With ISIC Without ISIC
Tennis 150 300
Badminton 80/4 people, 160/8 people  

You can rent a playgrount in the sport hall between Menza building and football pitch.