…set up Wi-Fi on my laptop/mobile device?

At campus is the easiest solution probably EDUROAM wifi roaming. If your university supports it, you can use ID from your home university directly.

Wifi is available in almost every building at campus, at dorms almost everywhere. Only building A dont have WiFi connection in the rooms. Those living in building A should connect their laptop by ethernet cable. The manual is in next section of this page.

Once you have your student card, get some computer with internet connection or go to computer classrooms PC Pavilion downstairs at dormitory D, where you can login to any computer and follow steps for your device at manual: idoc.vsb.cz. From 3pm to 11pm at room D120 are also students which can help you in case of some troubles.

…connect my computer in the dorm?

  1. get network cable (regular UTP cable with RJ45 connectors)
  2. follow instruction manual: vsb.cz

Also please read the Rules carefully. Computers infected by viruses, users downloading illegal stuff, using torrents and another kinds of sharing, will be disconnected and punished...

…order a meal in student canteen?

  1. First you have to have some money loaded on your student card.
  2. Visit Reservation system WebKredit and log in. (up switch to English).
  3. You can order your meal by clicking + sign to the right of its name and then Confirm order button. At this point your card will be charged for the meal.
  4. Remember the number of the meal that you ordered!
  5. The meal names are in Czech only, but most of the meals have pictures available (click on the picture to the right of the meal price).

…collect ordered meal in student canteen?

  1. Go to the student canteen and check on which side (left or right) your meal is handed out.
  2. Collect your meal. You can get also some soup, salad and desserts if you like (and if you have enough money on your card).
  3. Go to the checkout desk and present your student card there. Here you will be charged for any extra food you took.