...arrive in time for Orientation Days!

The Orientation Days is an event prepared by ESN VSB-TUO and the University to not only welcome the foreign students, but mainly to help them at the very beginning with the worst and most complicated things - bank accounts, travel cards, ordering meals in the canteen, all the papers they need to give in etc. It is really neccessary for the student to attend the OD as figuring out these things himself might be very problematic, taking into account the fact that not many people speak English here.

...take two passport-sized photographs

You will need them for your accomodation card and travel card. If you do not have them you will only slow the whole process down as you will have to go to the photographer, which consumes time and money, too. Acquire two of them at you home country, take them with you and do not leave them in your room when you go to the OD! :)

...take the LAN cable for internet with you

You may, of course, buy one here, but students prefer to take their own cabels so that they can use internet as soon as possible. Also, you will have other things to do at the beginning of your exchange than searching for a shop with cables. On most of buildings, you can use wifi instead. But there is still one building without WiFi and for that case if you forgot to bring the cable, you might get it in our office during Orientation Days.

...take some Czech Crowns, not euros

In the Czech Republic, it is not possible to pay with your credit/debit card everywhere. It is usual in shopping centers, at the cash desk of train station etc., but you often cannot use it at a caffé or a small shop. It is also not really usual to pay with euros so be sure you exchange some Czech Crowns in case you need to buy water or go to the toilette at the station. You can also exchange money on Svinov train station. Also we do not recommend you to exchange money in Prague Train station or Apirport or generaly in Prague at tourist places. They have bad rater or fees. But even if you exchange at wrong place, dont worry - in 2 hours after exchange, you can bring the recipe to the same exchange place and request them to give you money back - they have to. So if they dont want, just keep telling them and at the end they will give you back your euros and you can go to better exchange place. :)

...take warm clothes with you

We always warn the incoming students that winters sometimes are tough here. Especially if you are from southern countries, be sure you will need some proper winter jacket from december to february. You can, of course, buy one here, too, but count on it. We do not want you to freeze outside when you are coming back from a party at night.

...ask for Scholarship from the Czech University

Some faculties give exchange students extra scholarship. Do not forget to ask the mobility department of your faculty whether you have the right to obtain some extra money, too. If you do, remember to create the Czech bank account in time because the money must be sent to a Czech bank account.

...have some dictionary

Not many people here speak English. The generation which is now over 40 usually doesn´t at all, the younger one kind of does, sometimes. Of course at the information desk at the station for example they surely will speak English. But when you get lost in a city it might cause you troubles getting somewhere when nobody understands you.