What are FILLUP Gatherings?

FILLUP Gathering is the most popular event of all the exchange students in Ostrava. Attended by over a hundred people, it became the only option for wednesday or thursday afternoon for those who love meeting people from other countries, tasting their food and learning about their culture. Familiar atmosphere rules the gatherings, they are full of fun and non-official presentations of nations. For many it also means a great way of improving their spoken English not by the classic (boring) method, but by sharing knowledge and learning from one another.

What is going on there?

Each week on Tuesday or Wednesday, one nation presents their country and culture. Not the way you are used to, but in a funny and interesting way - it is up to them whether they decide to shoot a video or play a theatre, or just make an original ppt presentation. The form does not matter too much as long as it fulfills the purpose - to inform and to entertain. National drinks and food have always been part of it, even though they are not obligatory. You do not have to be afraid that you will fall asleep while they are presenting, because one of the most important thing is to include the audience in the show! Your national dances are special? Your language is superdifficult? Some words in it have different meanings in English? Or is there any shocking fact that nobody could know? Go ahead and show it to the rest of the world!

How can I join?

Anyone can come to any FILLUP! Due to the fact that we have to reserve a room for each FILLUP according to the amount of people signed in on Facebook, you have to follow actual information about FILLUP and join the exact FILLUP event when it is created to know where FILLUP takes place that day.

Join us ANYTIME! 

I want to present my country!

No problem! Contact FILLUP Manager at fillup@esnvsb.cz and reserve a week for your country. Write a simple idea of what you are planning to do so that we count on the technique and space. Moreover, every year at the ByeBye Party, the best national team who prepares the most interesting and memorable FILLUP is awarded with a valuable prize!

Winning criteria

We have set criteria for the winning FILLUP so that it is completely fair. It is not only about how funny you are, or how original way of presenting you choose. What really matters to us is to appreciate the effort. The criteria are:

  1. Originality
  2. Interesting facts
  3. Time for preparation
  4. Number of team members
  5. Involvement of the audience
  6. Refreshments
  7. Form of presenting

Based on these criteria, FILLUP team from ESN that attends every gathering then decides which FILLUP was the most successful of the semester.