At the beginning, FILLUP was supposed to be an English lesson upside down: No grammar excercise, no filling in gaps. Just pure practice with the added value: Multicultural environment.

But these days, FILLUP is more than that. It is a moment in history in which the world is becoming more united and linked. It weakens any prejudice and strenghens friendly attitudes. By listening to the nations´ presentations, by tasting their food and drinks, learning their national dances or basis of their language, we all become one for a while.

FILLUP is open for anyone and if you want to come for the first time and worry about how to join, you dont have to worry. FILLUP is the abbreviation of:

  • Free (&Fun&Friendly) – Nobody pays for it, boredom is forbidden and friendliness is obvious
  • International – There are always people from all over the world
  • Language Lesson – It gives opportunity to practice English in a pleasant way
  • Unity Programme – FILLUP increases understanding between cultures

FILLUP Programme recently consists of three regular events: FILLUP Gatherings that gave rise to whole FILLUP Programme, CatchUp Language and  language Tandems