Did you stay in Ostrava during Christmas holidays and you don´t know, what to do? ESN VŠB-TU Ostrava has few tips for you! Take a cup of hot tea, sit to the couch and read about it!

Lot of people go home celebrate Christmas and New Year´s Eve with their families and friends. We do it same in Czech Republic. During the Christmas holidays we watch fairytales in TV, eat sweets (sometimes secretly because we say “I don´t eat today, I want to see a golden pig”, but when you see the food, it´s really hard to resist the temptation), and just relax and enjoy this time. We are with our families at Christmas, but New Year´s Eve belongs to our friends. We celebrate it in clubs (some clubs at Stodolní, Alexandria in Zábřeh or Vrtule and T2 club at dormitories), in our flats or at cottage with group of friends. We drink wine or beer and slivovice, which is plum brandy. We also cook really strong beef broth or garlic soup.

But if you stay at dormitories and you don´t know what to do during holidays, we wrote some tips just for you:


If you look for some good restaurant which is closed to dormitories, you can go to the ARROWS RESTAURANT. They are open from 27th of December to 30th of December, from 11 to 23. You can try really good burgers, drink beer and if you have an ESNcard, you have a discount 20% for all burgers, ribs, wings, stripscombo friends and hot dogs or free beer/lemonade.



Eatmeat Bistro is small restaurant at city center, near is tram station Stodolní. If you go for little trip to city, you can eat there. They also make really good burgers and maybe you remember them from our big event 30th anniversary of Erasmus. They are open from Wednesday 27th of December to 29th of December. You have a discount 10% for meal and drinks. Also you can ask for site dish between 15-17, they have happy hours! J

TIP NO 3: TJ Ostrava

Christmas is not only about gifts but also about eating. Don´t just eat! Our partner TJ Ostrava has special offer for international students with ESNcard – go there and play badminton, volleyball, go to the sauna! Relax and draw breath before exam period! 

TIP NO 4: Trip to Olomouc or Prague

These two cities are really amazing! Prague is beautiful, especially during Christmas and believe us, you don’t be bored there. Olomouc is small but very nice city. You can use discount in BoHo – Bohemian Hostels and Hotels – they are in Olomouc and in Prague too. Use your ESNcard and hashtag #SleepwithESN and you have 15% discount!

Christmas in Prague.

TIP NO 5: Travel with Leo Express

You can go to Prague or Olomouc (or Krakow or whatever) with our local partner Leo Express and with ESNcard you have 15% discount! Travelling is one of the best investment, take a chance and do it! Travelling by train can be really funny! Remember, life is the train, not a station!

TIP NO 6: Travel with Ryanair

Ryanair is also one of partners of Erasmus Student Network. We know that Czech Republic is small country, but with Ryanair you can go for example to London or Paris or to other beautiful cities. We have 15% discount on 8 single flights (or 4 return flights), free check-in luggage of 20kg with each of these 8 flights booked. Follow Ryanair web, they have weekly travel offers for Erasmus students.

You can also visit shopping centers where you can find discounts also you can go to the city center, to some sport parks or to the mountains. If you use our tips for Christmas holidays, don´t forget your ESNcard – you have discounts almost in whole Europe! Find your discounts on esncard.org. Happy New Year!


Text: Bára Urbanovská