Faculty Tours 6-10/9: Tour to your faculty with the Buddy Coordinator, or some responsible person. They are going to take you to the International Office, where you will sign your Learning agreement and you will be enrolled in the system, then they will bring you to the Card Office where you will get your student card. They will also show you some interesting places there as a library, study room, place to eat, etc.

Welcome Ceremony 8/9 at 14:00: Meeting where you will get to know everything about the school and your semester in Ostrava, there will also be a banquet, where you will have a chance to try some Czech cuisine.

Speed Meeting 8/9 at 18:00 in form of AB reception dorms: The fastest way to make new friends a fun way.

Welcome Party 8/9 21:00 Vrtule club: First party in the campus bar, where we will have some activities to make you meet new people. But we will also celebrate your arrival and the start of the new semester!

Sightseeing game Poruba 9/9 15:00 meeting point AB reception dorms: Easy way how to learn more about the campus and the part of Ostrava that is gonna be the closest to you. We will show you interesting places in Poruba by fun games.

Flea Market 10/9 dormitories, place will be announced later: Market full of used stuff that we gathered from the former exchange students. And remember, we have better prices than IKEA.

Walk to Halda Ema 12/9 meeting point AB reception dorms: On Sunday we are hiking! But don’t worry this is more of a walk, so don’t be scared and come with is to the highest point in Ostrava so you can see the city from the top!

FILLUP The Czech Republic 13/9 time and place will be announced: And to finish orientation days we will tell you a little bit more about the country you chose for your Erasmus! There is much more to our country than just beer. Come and see. We will also prepare Czech food for you, so be prepared to try something new!