Hello everyone! Like many of you, we’ve suddenly found ourselves with more free time than we expected. But why don’t we change that and make our alone time more fun and meaningful? We know it’s hard to do something productive if you can binge-watch your favorite TV show, movies or simply do nothing. But we believe that you can spend time more effectively and have some fun while doing so. And as most people are stuck at home with plenty of free time here are some tips for staying sane.


Are you stuck in your room and tired of sitting all day long because of quarantine? 

Why don’t you take up a new activity or continue with your regular routine with the comfort of your room? Right now, you have a great opportunity to do so, because the best project you will ever work on is you. Exercise improves not only your physique but also your stressed mind and mood.

We put together several links and apps so you can inspire and try some of them during your free time.

Free course:

This website provides unique online workouts for men and women of all fitness levels, you can work out with world-class trainers in breathtaking locations. Get motivated, reach your fitness goals, or celebrate the art of relaxation. And it’s for free.


Healthy lifestyle app for anyone who wants to get in shape, have more energy, sleep better, and increase their productivity. 

A simple tool for those looking for a quick and effective workout. The scientifically proven exercises range from seven to 32 minutes, require no equipment

Variations of different workouts and yoga sessions.

Opportunity to get personalized workouts and fitness plan that fits you.

Youtube channels:


Are you a fan of pilates? This is the perfect option for you.


Videos are divided up into categories so you can find just what you’re looking for – HIIT, cardio or targeted workouts.


Strength training workouts.


Calming and relaxing exercises. Great for fighting anxiety, helping sciatica pain and burning fat.


Exercises for busy people.


These exercise videos not only give you a great workout, they also teach you real dance moves you can take to the club.


Workouts with dance moves.


During this time it’s more important than ever to look after our mental health and general well-being. Life is stressful enough and it might be difficult to maintain a healthy mind while everything around us is hectic. That’s why we listed some apps and tips below that you can incorporate healthy habits into your daily routines.

Free course:

Course by Yale University providing a series of videos and challenges that are designed to increase your own happiness and build more productive habits.

Something to read:

There are some articles covering mental health topics (how to manage stress, loneliness, anxiety, etc.) You can get more information in this field or feel inspired for activities that are beneficial for mental well-being.


Headspace is your personal guide to mindfulness. This app provides many articles from meditation to healthy living. You can explore guided exercises, videos, and more to help you get healthier and happier.

Sleep Cycle is for everyone struggling with their sleep routine. It analyzes your sleep and wakes you up at the most perfect time.

App with mindfulness and meditation guide. There is also an initiative to help you proactively support your psychological wellbeing while you're spending extended periods of time at home.

It helps to cultivate peace of mind, improve sleep quality, and manage stress and anxiety. It is great for both beginners and practiced meditators.

Download (Google Play)

Drinking water tracker and reminder app that helps you create healthy water-drinking habits. Great app for those who always forget to stay hydrated through a day.

Keep track of how much water you drink and each glass also waters the app's plants so you both can thrive.

Another water reminder app where you track your water intake.


Try to let your imagination work for you and you can create something amazing. Imagination and creativity can change the world. There are some useful apps if you don’t know where to start and get inspired. 


An app that boosts inspiration and creativity by motivational quotes, images, actions and words to trigger your thoughts.

Satisfying game of connecting dots.

Coloring by numbers app. 

Great painting and drawing app.


Have you ever said to yourself that you want to try a new recipe that you saw somewhere but never got time to actually do it? Guess what, now you have time so why not try something new? And who knows, it might turn into your favorite dish of all time. You can experiment with new food, share your creations with others and your taste buds will be also happy.


Plenty of recipes to try or save and sort them into your own collections to cook offline.

Quick and easy recipes to try.

Instant inspiration for recipe ideas.

You can make your own recipes, organize them and experiment.

A place to write and store your recipes.

Easy and delicious recipes ideas with photo step by step guide.


While you can’t change your true self, you can certainly improve yourself and make better life choices. Working on yourself is the best thing that you can do in your free time. You can take up things you always wanted but didn’t have time or courage to try it. And don’t worry, all your effort will pay off in the future.

Languages, self-education, etc.


Learn a language in a fun way just for a few minutes per day. You’ll be surprised how efficient and addictive it is 

It provides many interesting podcasts and conferences for you to enjoy.

Spotify is not only for listening to music, but also provides many interesting podcasts as well. 

If it’s too quiet in your room this app will change your life. It recreates background sounds that will help you stay free from distractions and get work done. 

It’s reading time! Bingeing a show is good, but using your own imagination is even better. We know all that mandatory reading has turned you off it, but trust us, there is a lot of good stuff out there. In case you’re book lover, these apps provide books from fiction to drama and detectives, so every bookworm should be satisfied. Most books are paid, but there are plenty of books which are for free.

Brain training app that can help to improve your memory and increase focus. 

Provides free world-class education on several topics. Feel free to browse and find out more about this project. If you have a hard time studying by yourself, just get an online study buddy.

You’ll find there many courses covering different fields from programming to marketing, and there’s a free month trial. 

    This app will help to create and manage your habits.

    This app will help you to use excel all its secrets.


We know this time is not easy on anyone and by this, we wanted to inspire you to find an activity that would make it a little bit easier to pass the time before our lives will get back to normal. Share your what you are doing with us by using the hashtag #esnvsbtuo and by tagging us @esnvsbtuo on Instagram on Facebook so we can share it with others!

Shay home and be safe!

Your ESN VSB - TU Ostrava team 🧡