Let's go on a small hike on Saturday with us. We will go to Skalka mountain, located about one hour from Ostrava by train. The hike we plan is the easiest we could do in Czech Republic so nearly anyone should be able to make it. It's only about 14 km and we will visit a cottage on the top, where we could get a beer and some soup to warm ourselves and get energy for our return journey.
For a pleasant experience, we strongly recommend bringing the right outdoor shoes, snacks and drinks throughout the day and come cash to buy something in the cottage. Weather should be quite nice, however please look at the weather forecast to make sure you stay warm through the day.
Please bring cash to pay for the train, coins would be appreciated. The train would cost about 250 CZK or 130 with ISIC, so don't forget your ISIC card. And don't forget to come in time as the bus to the train station won’t wait for us.
If you want to participate, please REGISTER using this form.
Meeting point: At the dorms AB reception at 7:20
What with you: Outdoor sport shoes, proper clothes, student card (ISIC), snack, drinks, cash
Fee: approx. 160 CZK (with ISIC card) or 250 CZK (without ISIC card)

See you,
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14/10/2023 - 07:30
Czech Republic