Are you interested in supercomputers? Have you ever wondered what is happening in the IT4Innovations National Supercomputing Center? Its modern grey-green building is located next to the dormitories in Ostrava-Poruba, and now you have a chance to explore it from inside.


During a 2-hour-long excursion, you will learn about supercomputing in general, the supercomputers, and the tasks they have been used for. Also, you will have a chance to explore various operating technologies in the building.


With ESN VSB-TUO you have an opportunity to visit it for FREE. However, the capacity is LIMITED. If you want to participate, please REGISTER using the form below no later than 15 November.




🧡When: 20 November

🧡Meeting point: dorms, AB reception at 14:50

🧡What with you: good mood :)

🧡Fee: 0 CZK

🧡Capacity: 24 people


See you,

Your ESN VSB – TU Ostrava team 😊





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20/11/2023 - 14:45
Czech Republic