This time it’s gonna be “real” hiking, we will conquer the mountain of Smrk (The Spruce; 1,276 m AMSL), it’s the second highest mountain of Beskydy mountains and definitely the most demanding track of that mountains ;)


1) Food with yourself - there is no chalet on the summit.

2) Warm clothes for changing in case that will be raining

3) Propper shoes for a hike minimally 15km long
We prepared for you three types of difficulty.

First: To the peak and back - 15km
Second: To the peak and continuing to the bus station in Čeladná - 17.5km
Third: To the peak and through the Čeladná to the train station Kunčice pod Ondřejníkem - 22,3km

We are looking forward to you and after the trip to the Lysá hora we are prepared to show you the real experience of hiking through nature without the tourists.

Our return home will be late. It depends on the difficulty you will choose. Time to arrive into the Ostrava is between 6-9 pm

You will be paying 50,- Kč for a train if you have an ISIC
150,- Kč without the ISIC
Who are going to chose second way 17.5km will have to pay some extra money for a bus (about 24,- Kč)

Also you should prepare some cash for the food if we find any restaurant in the city.

10/11/2018 - 07:15
Czech Republic
  • Everyone is invited.