VSB – Technical University of Ostrava is launching the "Flea Market & Food Collection" project in collaboration with the Erasmus Student Network. The aim is to promote sustainable behavior and reduce waste in university dormitories. The project offers students the opportunity to share unused food and kitchen utensils, thereby contributing to environmental protection.

This initiative is part of the university's strategy to create a greener and more ecologically responsible academic environment. The project provides dormitory residents with the opportunity to share unused and unopened non-perishable food, small electrical appliances (hairdryers, curling irons, shavers, and more), and unneeded kitchen utensils (pans, pots, mugs, bowls, cutlery, and more). This program is intentionally designed to encourage resource conservation and foster community cooperation among students. There is a strategically placed collection point at the main reception of dormitory buildings AB, which is easily accessible to all students.

This project not only strengthens the community spirit at the university but also actively promotes sustainable behavior and mutual sharing among students. ESN and VSB-TUO believe that this initiative will benefit the environment and serve as a catalyst for further ecologically-focused projects.

VSB-TUO is committed to continuing to support and develop similar initiatives that enrich student life while contributing to the protection of our planet. The "Flea Market & Food Collection" project is an example of the university's efforts to support sustainable development and is open to all students who wish to contribute to a better and greener future.

The project specifically focuses on sharing functional and undamaged items. It is not intended for non-functional electrical appliances, damaged utensils, or textiles. Regular university-wide Flea Markets are organized for sharing textiles, offering students the opportunity to refresh their wardrobes without new purchases, further promoting sustainable behavior. The "Flea Market & Food Collection" project thus complements the broader spectrum of ecological and community activities at the university, aimed at enhancing sustainability and environmental responsibility.


28/05/2024 - 07:00 to 30/06/2024 - 21:00
Czech Republic