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Vietnam, is a nation characterized by a captivating blend of natural landscapes and a dynamic cultural tapestry. Its cities pulse with life, reflecting a vibrant and diverse way of life across the country. From lush greenery to pristine beaches, Vietnam's varied geography offers a visual feast for those exploring its terrain. Rooted in a deep historical legacy, Vietnam's cultural identity is evident in its traditions, festivals, and everyday life. The country's cuisine, known for its distinctive flavors and freshness, further adds to the sensory richness of the Vietnamese experience.

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🧡Meeting point: C4, 19.12. 18:00

🧡What with you: good mood :) 


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👉WhatsApp official channel: ESN VSB-TUO WS 23/24

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👉Office: J108 (dormitories VSB, hallway between building A and C)


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