It’s time to get moving! Be active, do something good for your health and win amazing prizes. 🏃
How to participate?
• Create an account on the running app – Strava:, you can do so with your FB account, Google account or just sign up with your email! 
• Download the app to your phone. Join the ESN Spring Run club:
• Get moving! Everything counts, whether you go for a walk or for a run. Just don’t forget to record your activity. It doesn’t matter how fast you are; it is the distance that counts.
• During the whole month of April compete with other Erasmus students within the whole Czech Republic. At the end of the month, the best athletes are going to be awarded.
• There are multiple ESN sections in the Czech Republic, that are competing as well. Earn the title of ESN Spring Run 2021 winner for your section and a virtual challenge cup. Section with the most kilometres win, so don’t forget to persuade all your friends to run or go for a walk with you!
• There is going to be a special race for those most competitive in the middle of the month. More information will follow. 😊
01/04/2021 to 30/04/2021
Czech Republic