Something special, something huge, something really old and something so beautiful, that's the way how the city dealt with the industrial zone Dolní Vítkovice.
Have you heard about the Colours of Ostrava? It's happening there, so join us and we can show you the most beautiful places here!

The excursion will be divided into 2 parts:

Technical museum:
An amazing technical museum which is totally interactive, and you can try a lot of physical laws in practice, there are some workshops happening so you can create something for yourself. Excursion time: it depends on you.

Bolt tower:
The highest point of Ostrava named Bolt tower with a cafeteria on the top and amazing view for the whole city and all the mountains around. We will have a guide, who knows all the secrets and who will tell you some interesting information about Industrial zone itself and also about Blast furnaces and how they are working. Excursion time 100 minutes.
Bonus: On the top, there is a great place for photos!

Meeting point: 9 AM in the AB lobby of dormitories.
Group of 30 people in maximum.

With ESN card:
Bolt tower + Technical museum = 430
Only Bolt Tower: 350
Only Technical museum: 130

Without ESN card:
Bolt tower + technical museum = 480
Only Bolt tower: 380
Only technical museum: 140

The prices are higher but still better than when you will go there as an individual.

03/11/2018 - 09:00
Czech Republic