We made it…. All the way through the amazing semester 🥹 But the time of farewells is approaching 🥺 Let's say goodbye in a really Czech way - the barbecue way 🔥 The grill will be ready for you. You can buy chicken meat 🍖 or grilled cheese 🧀 for 90 CZK to make your stomach happy. To extinguish the thirst, there will be an option to get draught beer 🍺 (also nonalcoholic radler 🍊) or soft drinks. It's possible to pay by card 💳


We will also have some games ready for you, you can try to build the highest tower in Jenga 🗼defend the king in Kubb 👑 fly a kite 🪁 (depends on the wind) or ask your friends to sign you a Czech flag to have a nice memory 🇨🇿


Remember: there is never a goodbye, just a see you soon 🤝


🧡Meeting point: 15:00, in front of the AB building dormitories for Flag Parade or 17:00 at Minigolf

🧡What with you: flag, proper clothes (look for the weather forecast!), your friends and Czech flag so your friends can sign it for you! 😊


See you,

Your ESN VSB – TU Ostrava and ESN Ostravská teams 😊

Czech Republic