Let's meet up for the last time of this semester! We will enjoy a barbecue party in Myslivna area (we will provide a map later but it's really close to dorms). Myslivna pub will provide drinks, we will prepare a grill and maintain it for the whole party, but please, bring meat or anything else for the bbq (veggie, etc.). Come on time and if you can, bring some instruments (guitar, etc).

We would love to hang out with you! 🤗

❗️ If you feel sick or you were sick recently, DO NOT COME ❗️

You can come directly there or you can go with us from the dorms. Registration is not needed, but please click on “I will attend” on FB event so we can at least guess how many of you could come and then don’t come late - the purpose is mainly to have a great time together. // FB event: https://www.facebook.com/events/2696273743942454/ //

👉 Date: Friday 19.6.2020
👉 Meeting time - reception AB: 16:30
👉 Meeting time - Porubská Myslivna: 17:00

See you,
ESN VSB - TUO team 🧡
Czech Republic