Štramberk is small mountain city next to Kopřivnice. Prominent landmark is Trúba, castle tower. You can find there lots of historical buildings and unique collection of houses from 18th and 19th century. Also, you can visit minizoo and museum of marionettes. And also, you need to taste one speciality, it calls „štramberské uši“, which means Štramberk´s ears and it´s delicacy from honeyed dough.

Registration fee is 70 CZK (will be used for entrance to Tatra museum). You will also need some more money, 30 CZK for transportation, 50 CZK for tower entrances and money for a beer or some food.

Maximum capacity is 35 people!

First we will go to Tatra museum, which is famous for its trucks.
We will then walk through nature to Štramberk town, old quarry and cave Šipka and beautiful town Štramberk with a castle tower. Then we will have beer in a local brewery and then return back anytime we want.

The date can be change if weather is not nice and also the return time is not specified bt if you need to leave earllier, its possible - let us know.
Dont forget to take warm clothes, good shoes and umbrella or preferably raincoat.

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06/10/2018 - 07:45
Czech Republic